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Cytomel T3 100 Tablets 25 mcg Abdi Ibrahim

Cytomel T3 100 Tablets 25 mcg Abdi Ibrahim
Product Code: T3
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Price: 25.00€
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Manufacturer: Abdi Ibrahim
Substance: Liothyronine Sodium
Packing: 100 tabs. (25 mcg/tab)

Thyroid hormone is a natural compound released by the body. However, it can also be produce synthetically due to its non-complex molecular structure. There are two kind of thyroid hormone naturally produced by the thyroid gland, T4 and T3. The synthetic version of thyroid T4 is named Levothyroxine Sodium and Liothyronine Sodium is the T3. It is synthetically made by two ways. It can be derived from such animals’ thyroid gland or produce in labs. 

It is known that for decades both athletes and bodybuilders have abused thyroid hormone to lose weight. This is mainly because of that the thyroid hormone is responsible for burning the fats and carbohydrates of the body. Therefore, Liothyronine Sodium is used by both bodybuilders and athletes to lose weight in other words show better performances in any sport area. By taking Liothyronine Sodium, the amount of T3 increases in the body. By increasing the amount of T3, one can easily bur fat. Its essential effect is enhancing the rate of metabolism. This is why, even you are having a lot of calories, you can burn your fat. Moreover, Liothyronine Sodium promotes an increase protein efficiency. 
It is known that and Liothyronine Sodium (T3) is much more potent than Levothyroxine Sodium (T4). Compared to mg basis Liothyronine Sodium is found 4-5 times effective. Another thing that should be noted, the duration of Liothyronine Sodium cycle should not exceed 5 weeks and when the cycle is done it is not recommended to use Liothyronine Sodium for at least 8 weeks to allow the natural thyroid functioning to safely return. 
Like all other beneficial compounds, Liothyronine Sodium has also some side effects. These may include headaches, insomnia and excess sweating. 

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