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Steroid Cycles(Cutting and Bulking)

Posted by in Anabolic Steroids on Dec 02, 2015 . 0 Comments.

Things You have Allways wanted to know about Steroids

 Most of us know that general informations about steroid’s side effects.We all know that these products unhealthy.But to be honest we must ask this question why they are unhealthy?After taking steroids to body,it increases protein synthesis on your body.Because of that your body hold more protein.After increasing protein synthesis anabolic effect on body increase too.These are benefits of anabolic products on the other hand they have side effects too.Using steroids insensibly make your liver tired and you face infertility problems too.You ll face lots of side effects instead of getting  benefits from anabolic steroids. At this point taking preparates and post cycle therapy products to get less side effects from anabolic steroids  is an important thing.Post cycle therapy products balance your hormone levels also you dont loss lots of muscle mass after cycle.Another benefit of post cycle therapy products is helping burning fat and get more benefits from anabolic steroids instead of side effects.We ll give general informations about dosage of some cycles. To get lean muscle mass and burning fat this cyle is ok for you.It s 10 weeks cycle.You must combine testosterone propionate with boldenone and masterone.You could get 400 mg testosterone propionate,400 mg boldenone during 10 weeks.You must start using masterone on last 5 weeks.6th and 7th weeks you must get 200 mg.8th,9th and 10th weeks you must get 300 mg masterone.After one week from last injection of your cycle you must get 2 x 1500 ie pregnly every five days also you must get nolvadex and proviron.(These are general informations about cycle to know which cycle is ok for you please contact with us).We give another cycle example for you.This cycle is for increasing muscle mass.This time you must combine testosterone enanthate ,danabol with deca.For sure you must get proviron during cycle also one week after last injection of your cycle you must get hcg.Let s talk about general dosage informations and how many weeks you ll use these products.First of all this is 12 weeks cycle.You must get testosteone enanthate during 12 weeks.But on 6th and 7th week you could get more testosterone enanthate(if you get 500 mg weekly-you must get 750 mg on 6th adn 7th week)You must take  deca 1-10 weeks and  dianabol 1-6 weeks.Also you must get proviron during your cycle,after 12 weeks you must inject hcg and using nolvadex for about 4 weeks.(To get details and dosage informations for you please contact with us)

Last update: Dec 02, 2015


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