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Pump Effect

Posted by in Anabolic Steroids on Dec 26, 2018 . 0 Comments.



Ukroids blog manager will give you some informations about Pump Effect. If you watch Pumping Iron documentary you see that Arnold claimed that best feeling you could feel in the gym is pumping.Since then pumping effect is on bodybuilders mind.But to understand pump effect is another important thing. We would give some informations about it. Generally we could say it is about blood traffic on vessels. But it is not that simple.


If you complete training you could feel that pump effect on your muscles. You want to keep it during twenty four hours. If you make good pump effect on your muscles that means you will increase muscle mass long period of time. Some studies results give us some informations about pump effect. After pump effect there could be anabolic and anti catabolic effects on your muscles. Another thing is protein syntheses. Pump effect could increase protein syntheses. This protein balance means you could achieve hypertrophy goal.You could make some strategies to increase pump effect. One of them is make more reps and rest minimum.For example you could make 10-20 reps,3-5 sets with minimum rest. This is efficient training. Other training method you could do to increase pump effect is making heavy dropset than decrease weight %25-%50 this must be go to failure you must do high reps sets to make it. Another way of training is making two dropsets with decreasing weighs. This way could increase pump effect. To feel pump effect you must make exercises that keep your muscles tense. For example Peck Deck,Leg Extension,Leg Curl this type of old school exercises could be better for pump effect. This exercises give muscles stable tense. Last important thing you must not give relaxation opportunity to your muscles. These are just advices for you. You could make more searches about pump effect or you could use these training methods. Anyway with right training you could make pump effect on your muscles.

Last update: Dec 26, 2018


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