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Posted by in Anabolic Steroids on Nov 06, 2015 . 0 Comments.


Bodybuilders have been start using deca(nandrolone) in 1960’s.Especially with testosterone cypionate and dianabol.Deca is favorite steroid of a lot of old school bodybuilders.First company developed deca(nandrolone) is Organon in 1962. In those years deca’s popularity kept improving.There are different deca versions at that time,one of them s nandrolone phenypropionate. Some problems with  deca(nandrolone phenylpropionate)’s usage is it’s short half life.Because it cause limitation of usage.You must inject it every other day.But decanote ester solve this problem,it has  longer half life time.Organon company produce 50 mg and 100 mg type of deca(nandrolone).Deca s used for bone development in medicine.Deca improve calcium level and keep it on your body that increase bone mass .Deca s produced from testosterone by syntesised.That producing make testosterone  less androgenic effects and increased anabolic effect like %250.Androgenic effect shape your body. Deca has stronger anabolic rating than testosterone.It s strength rating is 125. Testosterone s strength rating is 100.For example male users increase muscle mass and  face some problems like hairing.Anabolic effects increase protein synthesis on your body.Increased protein synthesis means increased muscle mass.Because of that users choose  anabolic steroids like deca,boldenone,trenbolone,primobolan) to increase protein synthesis to increase muscle mass.But you must combine deca with androgenics like testosterone enanthate,testosterone propionate,testosterone cypionate and testosterone suspension.Why you take androgenics ?Because you must keep balance also taking androgenics increase muscle mass also decrease risk of infertility.There s no deca cycle without androgenics.If you want to make mass cycle deca s perfect product for you.After second week protein synthesis is increased.5th and 6th week you feel it and get results from deca cycle.Deca cycles must be 8-10 week.Deca is a long ester product because of that you must combine it with another long ester testosterone(testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate).Also you can add another anabolic product like dianabol to your cycle.It s way better.But you could not combine primobolan,trenbolone and boldenone or similar products because their chemical content is same also they work on your body same.

Last update: Nov 06, 2015


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